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Full Body Boxing DVD Set

For the first time ever you can earn your Black Belt in the renowned Shorite Ryu Tai Jutsu system of "Full Body Boxing" through the VHS / DVD Institute. Take 35 years of martial arts experience and thousands of hours of training, refinement and experimentation, compress them into "a style of styles" film, present and express them in a comprehensive DVD or VHS curriculum, narrated professionally to the finest detail and you have for the first time ever the "Full Body Boxing" Institute.

Presented by 10th Dan, Grand Master Dr. Christian Harfouche, this series is designed to contain everything an instructor, black belt or an experienced martial artist needs to know in order to multiply their fighting arsenal, knowledge and ability regardless of style.

- Dr. Harfouche will reveal in full detail his 8 principles of F.I.G.H.T.I.N.G: Floating, Intercepting, Holding, Throwing, Invading, Nullifying, and Grappling.

- Add Chin-na to your system as the Grand Master shares freely 101 devastating locks, holds, and submissions.

- Learn the ABC's of combat: Attacking, Breaking, and

- Experience a comprehensive look at the 5 methods of attack:
    • Vital point attacks (for any style)
    • Dislocating the joints (strikes and locks)
    • Displacing the muscles
    • Sealing the air
    • Sealing the blood

- Discover the S.T.O.P. concept (The Art of Deception): more deceptive self-defense moves than you will ever need to know or to teach in your self-defense class.

- Implement the 9 tools of the trade in your present system

- Train in the R.E.A.L.I.T.Y method, which will help you to train for life and multiply your fighting ability.

- Learn the bullet punch, fist formulas, all about the sword hand, transferring energy through the open hand, and much, much more!

Improve your seminar teaching materials, enhance your fighting skills, and earn your black belt in "Full Body Boxing". Add this system to your teaching and training, receive your black belt rank award at the prestigious I.C.K.A. dojo in Pensacola, Florida and become a member of the I.C.K.A. with world wide rank recognition.

Order today and receive Free - 3 Choking bonus videos!



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